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Specialty Cosmetic Manufacturing creates premium personal-care products for the health and beauty industry. We specialize in the manufacturing and packaging of creams, serums, salts, scrubs, gels, lotions, and high- and low-viscosity liquids.

Our business is built on, fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and customer service and high-quality deliverables This expertise is supported by equipment that allows us to handle a broad range of packaging requirements, including both standard and custom glass/plastic bottles, containers, and tubes.


Our approach includes customer service that is hands-on and personal. By keeping things modest and industry specialized, we are able to pass along competitive pricing and superior service. With discussing your needs, in depth, then implementing strategic methods to meet the specific parameters of your products, we can take on challenges our competitors would not—or could not—handle.


Our focus is on the custom formulation, private label and manufacturing of health and beauty products. Specifically, the markets we serve include:

Production Capabilities


We take confidentiality seriously. Specialty Cosmetic Manufacturing maintains strict privacy of all client products and processes.

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